Kleszcze How do pierścieni i ligatur proste,ortodontyczne 15cm

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HOW multifunctional straight clamps for rings and ligatures - orthodontic, are used to attach zippers and arches with an internal grooved surface for stable wire maintenance. The tick tips are rounded for patient safety. A special profiling of the working part (space between the ends) protects the patient's lips from damage. The long handle  makes it easier to reach hard to reach places, e.g. molars.

Ticks designed according to German technology. The combination of lightness and elegant ergonomics with durability.

Product specification : Premium tool made of  German steel.

 It is characterized by its extraordinary hardness, density and high melting point (3410–3422 ° C).

Manufacturer's code: HR-2654A

Warranty: 24 months

Technical data:

Parameters:    •    max 0.30 mm - 0.50 mm (.012" - .020")
Parameters:    ¬  max 0.56 mm x 0.71 mm (.022" x .028")
Total length 150 mm
Tip diameter 3.2 mm
Tip type straight, hardened with carbide insert for precise and tight grip, arched
Handle marking titanium-plated handle tips according to the international designation of hardened tools   

Product description and its advantages:

HOW forceps for holding rings, brackets and metal ligatures belong to universal orthodontic tools in the technique of fixed braces. Perfectly contoured ends allow work between brackets, and the rounded tips do not cause pricks. The flat shape facilitates work in the distal area (on sevens).

Made of German steel. Professional tarnished steel prevents reflections. Handle tastefully designed, anatomical.

The tool is subjected to passivation, thanks to which it is resistant to water - even aqua regia, oxygen, alkalis, acids. 

Meets all requirements for the sterilization procedure according to the Directives of Dental Offices and Clinics. Autoclave sterilization up to 134 °, hot air sterilization 180 - 220 °.

Certificates: ISO 9001: 2015 and CE. The product is attached to the product in Polish and English  which will ensure easy and correct use of the instrument and better product maintenance.


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