Kleszcze Kocher proste z ząbkami 2:1 14cm

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Producent: Hossa International
Kod produktu: HR-2553-14


The Kocher forceps with 1x2 teeth are simple vascular forceps, surgical used to close the lumen of a blood vessel and inhibit the contents inside. There are two sharp teeth and one on the other, and the entire working tip has transverse grooves. They have a self-locking system with a 4-step ratchet.

Manufacturer's code: HR-2553-14

Warranty: 24 months

Technical data:

Total length of the selected Kocher model  140 mm  160 mm  180 mm  200 mm
Length of branches  35 mm  40 mm  50 mm  55 mm
Branches width  2.5 mm  3 mm  3.5 mm  4 mm
Tip type  cloves 1: 2 cloves 1: 2  cloves 1: 2  cloves 1: 2

Product description and its advantages:

  • Perfectly matched two-sided teeth
  • Properly profiled arms make the ticks work very lightly and smoothly
  • Matt French surgical steel 
  • Straight finished working part

The careful workmanship of the instrument and the use of the highest quality material ensure the appropriate durability of the tool. 

It meets all the requirements for the sterilization procedure according to the Regulations of dental offices and clinics. Sterilization in an autoclave at 134 °, in a hot air sterilizer from 180 ° - 220 °.

Certificates: ISO 9001: 2015 and CE. The instruction manual in Polish and English is attached to the product  which ensures easy and proper use of the instrument and better maintenance of the product.

medinstruments  Did you know that?

The ticks are named after a Swiss surgeon, Nobel laureate: Emil Theodor Kocher , who designed his own surgical tools, e.g. forceps, a probe, and created new surgical methods for the stomach, large intestine, gallbladder and thyroid gland. 







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